SEO For Photographers

SEO is a wild and beautiful beast, difficult to tame, but worth it when you do.

We have spent almost a year testing these offers to make sure we are providing only what you need: nothing more, nothing less.

There’s two choices, one for clients who are currently working with us and one for people who have a site up and running, but they need someone to come in and optimize the whole thing.

(If you’re reading this on mobile, our sincerest apologies. This is a beta page, so it’s best viewed on a desktop.)


  • Keyword Research for all 5 pages that we write the copy for.  
  • Keyword Bank
  • Keyword Map which includes:
    – Target Keywords
    – Secondary Keywords

       – Long tail Keywords

       – Image Title Tags (what your images should be titled)

       – Meta Description
       – H1 Tags

This offer costs $750.













































  • Keyword Research for 5 main pages
  • Keyword Bank
  • Keyword Map:

       – Target Keywords
       – Secondary Keywords
Image Title Tags (what your images should be titled)
Meta Description
H1 Tag

  • Optimization of 2 pages (We will choose this together)
    – Optimizing H1 Header
    – Retitling of Images
    – Alt Text
    – SEO Title Headline
    – Meta Description
    – Platform Specific Adjustments
    – Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console
    – Submitting of sitemap to Google
  • Google Doc Containing:
    – Current SEO Stats
    What’s working well, what isn’t working well (and how to fix it). Where your page is ranking for their target keywords.  Technical issues that need to be addressed.
    – Backend Homework
    Page specific optimizing suggestions.  This will include what we did for your optimized pages.
    – Blogging Strategy
    Incorporating your keyword research to define which keywords you should focus on (at least 10 to cycle through to keep it organic), which words need to be in every post and how many times and where. Long tail keyword suggestions.
    – Blog Post Ideas
    20 completely customized blog post ideas, including titles, and target keywords … enough ideas for an entire year of blog posts.


This offer costs $1,750.





























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