The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles...A review.

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I was a little confused as to why there were quite a few typos in this book. And then I realized that it was translated from French. So, there goes that criticism. 

Overall, the author, Katherine Pancol writes characters that you really find yourself rooting for. They are ordinary enough to be relatable, but quirky enough to be endearing. I loved the process of the main character discovering her value and in turn, cutting out the toxins in her life. It's a story of becoming, albeit later in life.

I did think the plot line curved a little ridiculous at points, but it didn't ruin the overall appeal of the book. She is obviously a person that observes others well and has insight into how nuanced relationships can be. I appreciated her clear empathy for her characters (and you probably will too).

Who is this book for?

French speakers: I'm sure if I knew the French language, I would have enjoyed this book considerably more.
Writers and artists: Yes.
Narcissists: Yep. You might identify with the less savory characters.

What does this book say?

Once you start living according to other people’s rules, going along with what other people think, your soul shrivels and dies.

Had she idealized him while she was waiting, or did she misperceive him the first time? Later, she wondered if her feelings for a person depended on the way she perceived them. Where do feelings come from? she wondered. From a brief, variable impression? From a shifting point of view that's then replaced by an illusion that you project onto the other person?