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How I Didn't Shop For A Year...And you can too!

So I did this thing this past year. And I wrote about it on the blog and my close friends knew about it, but I realized that just not that many people read this blog. Therefore, a lot of people didn't realize I was doing it.

This thing is that I didn't buy any new clothing all year. I went shopping for the first time yesterday and posted about it on Instagram. And I guess that is where people read what I write.

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Love...All around.

Buckle in, folks. This is going to be a long one!

I don't shoot many weddings. Hardly any actually. And I especially don't photograph them by myself. There are very few exceptions to my "no weddings alone" rule. The lone exception is if I really, really like you. And there were quite a few people I really, really liked this year who asked me to photograph their weddings.

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What I Know About...Marriage.

On September 24th, I will have been married for five whole years. I think this is sort-of hilarious as I feel like an 18-year-old most days. I remember my first day of high school and my 10th birthday party and my first college soccer game the same way I remember my wedding day: I was young. I was equal parts confident and nervous. And I was about to make some mistakes.

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