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How I Didn't Shop For A Year...And you can too!

So I did this thing this past year. And I wrote about it on the blog and my close friends knew about it, but I realized that just not that many people read this blog. Therefore, a lot of people didn't realize I was doing it.

This thing is that I didn't buy any new clothing all year. I went shopping for the first time yesterday and posted about it on Instagram. And I guess that is where people read what I write.

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Fade to Black...Not Metallica

Last year, my church commissioned me to help out with a fun project. They were in the early stages of launching a new nonprofit, one that would consolidate the church's various ministries under one umbrella. I got to interview some very cool people and help create some small marketing pieces to help us define what this new nonprofit is all about. (My friend Rachel is the brains and talent behind the design.)

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