14 Families, 2 Days...70 weeks pregnant.


My favorite real estate agents gave me a call when I was approximately 70 weeks pregnant, “Hey Rachel. We have an idea. But wait, are you having a baby soon?”

I kid, but it’s also a little true. The joke part is that I was merely 36 weeks pregnant. The truth part is that they did have a really good idea.

Kevin and Josh from RAGE wanted to know if I would be open to photographing some of their previous clients over the span of a weekend. “How many?” I asked. “However many take a slot?” they half-answered, half-asked. “Sure. That sounds like fun.”

So one weekend in May, I carted my gigantic self all over Denver and photographed 14 families. They wanted to give their past clients the gift of photos in their homes and I just thought it was the sweetest idea ever. These two are GEMS to their past clients.

And despite being very tired, it was genuinely SO fun. I was invited into 14 homes. I got to meet 14 people who saved their money and bought a house and were making memories in it. I usually spend so many hours with my clients, but this was an opportunity to pop in and out and catch a small glimpse. I’m only going to post the photos here that are unposed, because #thatsmyjam.

The families could not have been kinder, more inviting, or more complimentary of “how great I looked,” even if it wasn’t true. 10/10 would do it again.

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