What if I told you that you are
enough? Nah, More than enough.
You're plenty
(without being extra).



The hours we give to our family and our work are the most sacred. They become our legacy. Life is the sum of our effort and love.

I want you to know that you’re enough, exactly as you are. The story you’re writing while raising littles or about your business is worth documenting. Let me show you.


“You’re like a grilled cheese sandwich. But like, a fancy one with gouda and pepper jack. Because talking to you feels like coming home but you’re still a little spicy.”

— Said about me, by a loving and hilarious client of mine.



Toot, toot! ← that's the sound of me, about to toot my own horn.

Here is what photographers just like you have to say about working with me:


I believe in radical generosity.

The kind that makes people ask, “But why are you doing this? What’s the catch?” There is no catch. Generosity breaks the rules. It builds gratitude and proves the good in the world. It’s unexpected and surprising. It is my personal definition of joy.

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 When you know, you know. Ready to jump in?