I feel as though the name "Green Chair Stories" begs a little explanation. I started working at a local nonprofit in 2012. We decorated our offices with donated furniture, so on my first day, I walked into the warehouse to pick something out. Nothing really struck my fancy until I saw a beautiful green armchair in the corner.

Within an hour, I had it moved into my office. It was easily the most regal piece in the room. Over the next few weeks, I added a cute lamp, a huge map of the world and a wooden desk. I was ready for business.

During my time there, I watched countless people sink down into that chair, closing their eyes as they got comfortable. And as soon as they did, they opened up. Often, I barely had to say a word. There was magic in that chair that gave people freedom to speak. I heard stories of struggle, heartache, celebration, and joy. People cried, laughed and cried some more. And every.single.person said the same thing when they stood up: "There is something about this green chair."

Most of these people were the incredible women I worked with who I now call my close friends. Click a photo above to read their stories.

The green chair has become a metaphor for my work. I want to write and photograph stories that are honest and raw, as if everyone I encounter is sitting in a comfy chair, having a simple conversation, with no inhibition. I want people to feel captured and understood, not "done up" or improved. I long to tell the truth from behind the camera and give others a safe space to tell their own truth.