World Traveling...Toddler style.

World Traveling...Toddler style.

Mother and baby watching sugar fire

You didn't think I spent a week in Belize with a 9-month-old and his mother without photographing him every day, did you?? Good, because that is definitely not what happened.

Quentin and I got real cozy in Belize. I learned what he loves, what he hates, and that he has a lot of feelings and opinions. Mostly, he is pretty in love with his mama. I was an adequate substitute while she was gone, working. But as soon as she came through the door, he only had eyes for her.

It was so unbelievably impressive to watch Kendyl parent in this setting. There were challenges you just don't face in the States. She had to purify the water we used to clean his bottles, none of the outlets were baby proof, she didn't have a pack and play, we had to ration out his pouches to make sure we had enough, etc. But she didn't complain about it once. She was prepared and relaxed. And because of that, we all had a marvelous time.

And this kid is adaptable. He ate rice and beans, slept marvelously while being carried or over some crazy bumpy roads, and handled the flights like an absolute champion. 

This post isn't to educate you about human rights in Belize, nor is it about anything other than some really cute photos of a really cute baby, being mothered in a really cool way.

Kendyl, you are brave and bold. I've known this since I met you, and I predicted this would carry over into motherhood, but it's really fun to watch it in real life. You will raise a curious son, whose eyes are more open to the rest of the world than most adults. You and Jason are killing this parenting thing and don't let the tough days tell you any different. Hey Q, I love you too.

Mother and baby in hammock in Belize
Baby in carseat holding moms hand
Baby traveling in Belize sugar field
working mom with baby computer
working mother on vacation with baby
working mom in the morning with baby
baby in sugarcane fields in belize
mother with baby in firelight
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