The Dawkins Family...Best day ever.

The Dawkins Family...Best day ever.

so many helpers
surrounding little LuBird

all with gleeful hearts

because Lu is joy.
she is happiness, love, bliss,
a beacon of light.


As most of you know, I started offering new sessions when I rebranded my business earlier this year. One of these options is the Best Day Ever, where I spend a whole day with a family. To get these sessions going, I knew I wanted to photograph Jason, Juliet, Lucia, and Scout. 

I did a longer session with them last year as part of a personal project. And I knew pretty immediately that I wanted to photograph them long-term. They inspire me in a way I can't articulate. And when even I don't have words for something, I know it's special and worthy of my attention.

Their days are a puzzle of scheduling that they all have mastered pretty incredibly. Lucia can have anywhere from 1-3 appointments in a day, so Jules and Jason organize their days around them, building in time for fun, eating, naps, and of course, their own work. On this particular day, she had a massage, then school, then a chiropractor appointment. It's beautifully chaotic yet peaceful and very impressive to watch. 

I found myself drawn to Scout more during this shoot than I did the last time. She is growing and understanding more—she wants to be a part of Lu's schedule, helping with her routines. Her name means to go ahead of or look out for, which was an intentional choice. She is Lu's scout, her guard. I can't imagine how proud Scout will make her parents one day or the depths of her love for her older sister. I know that I will stick around to watch though.

Buckle up, this is a lot of photos (and I even restrained myself from posting more!).

My last shoot with Lucia.

This shoot was my Best Day Ever option, which means I photographed the Dawkins for 12 hours, from pajamas to pajamas. I offer these sessions to clients who live anywhere, even outside of Colorado. I would LOVE to chat with you about your Best Week Ever.

The Mathers...An evening in the garden.

The Mathers...An evening in the garden.

The Petersons...Best week ever.

The Petersons...Best week ever.