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Launch Day...Terrified.

There are some kinds of news that you wish you could just whisper. It might be the most exciting thing in the whole world, maybe a huge personal achievement. But that's it: when it's personal, 500 words just don't seem adequate. I wish I could just whisper to you, "Hey, wanna see this thing I did?" And then I would like to hover over your shoulder creepily and watch your reaction to see what makes sense to you and what doesn't, what you like and what you don't. But hitting the publish button, releasing this beast to the world, sitting back, and just waiting? silence. It's terrifying. 


The first time I ever got in a car with Micaiah, she put the keys in the ignition, looked at me and said: "Just so you know, I'm a terrible driver. Like, really bad." 

It's comments like this that make me label her as "aware." She knows how the world works and she absolutely knows how she fits into it. 

Packages...Literally tied up with string.

Everyone who hires me receives a fun little bundle along with their photos after I've edited them. Because who doesn't like a pretty package?

One of the fun parts of starting a project from scratch, like Green Chair Stories, is buying a bunch of new and shiny stuff. But it's a scary thing to make decisions about how you want your brand to come across. You need to think about things like colors and shapes and "feel." Am I whimsical or straightforward? Am I a square or a triangle? Do people see green or yellow when they look at me? 


It was hard for me to come up with a word for Alexxa. Because when I think of her, I think of what she means to me and not necessarily what she could mean to other people.

Shortly after I met her, she began to remind me of someone, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then one day, she was jamming out to some serious 90's tunes (it was probably O.A.R. or Boyz II Men or Blue's Traveler), and it hit me: she was just like my oldest sister and kindred spirit, Katie.


Annie lives free. Free from worry, stress and the details of life that most of us let enslave us. She literally greets problems with a smile. Her coping mechanisms for challenge are always to crack a joke and make a friend, which are my favorite things about her.

No hot water in her new place? She goes and has tea with her British landlord. Too long of a line...anywhere? She walks to the nearest bar and befriends all the bartenders...alone. Rough day at work? She spends all night watching cat videos and sending them to her friends. Her car leaks fluid, has no power steering and is in just a general state of disrepair? She schedules glamour shots with it.