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The Holsteins...Family photos!

Jamie is one of the rare few who have found me randomly on the internet. And let me say, I'm just so glad she did.

I instantly clicked with her and Nick, and of course their adorable son Carter. They were my people in the sense that they are a serious sports family. I mean, Carter is named after the one and only Anthony Carter. Growing up in Philadelphia, I appreciate sports's a mutual respect thing.

The Janzs...All 8 or 9 of them.

I asked Jen what the hardest part of fostering children was. She immediately looked down at her dining room table, fiddling with the fork in her hands. I watched her take a deep breath before she answered. "It's a bittersweet thing when they get to go home. You have learned to love them. You care for them. You're excited that they get to be reunited with mom and dad, but a piece of you will always be with them because you love them."

Henry + Mary...Plus one!

I go to church with Henry and Mary. 

These are selfless people of faith. They waited for this precious gift, this lovely baby boy for over a year and a half. And they did it with patience. But not without struggle.

Kaylan...Plus four.

Gah, isn't she gorgeous?!

That's my sister-in-law, Kaylan. To know her at all is to know her deep love for her "critters" as she calls them. She loves her horses (and her dogs) like siblings, literally lighting up when she talks about them. I mean, it makes sense. These guys have been with her almost her entire life. And I guess they kind of were like siblings.