An Invitation...To sacred space.

An Invitation...To sacred space.

newborn in hospital in denver colorado after birth

I've known Cassie for 10 years. Wow. It's weird that I can be old enough to say that. We played soccer together in college and I bet we are both still exactly as good as we were 10 years ago. Kidding.

She and Brian moved to Colorado a few years ago and it's been so fun to reconnect a little bit. And after having the unbelievably unique privilege of attending her birth, I guess I could say we reconnected a lot. And I loved it!

People ask me a lot of questions when I say that I'm a birth photographer. And I get it. People think it's too private and intimate to have photographed. And it is intensely personal! But. It's also the strongest moment in a woman's life. It is the event of parenthood, of great responsibility. That is what people have me there to capture.

I just want to clarify something: I am not there to take photos of the baby actually being born. Some photographers do take on that role, but I don't. I'm there to photograph the hours leading up to delivery, the moment dad sees the baby for the first time, and the look on mom's face as the baby is placed on her chest. 

Speaking of those moments: Cassie went into labor on a Wednesday afternoon. She fought through hours of hard contractions. When it became clear that she would labor through the sleeping hours, she made a wise decision to get some pain meds and try to sleep. 

The lights were down and she had music playing softly. It was a very peaceful few hours in that room, the perfect preparation for Brecken's arrival. 

When it was time to push, Brian coached Cassie, counting down for her and squeezing her hand. He was an incredibly supportive partner through this. He never took his focus off of Cassie, and sweetly read scripture and prayed with her through difficult moments.

Sidenote, because I think it's the sweetest thing I've ever heard a dad do: a few weeks before Brecken was born, Brian started drinking coffee in the morning. He's never been a coffee drinker before because he hasn't needed caffeine. I asked him why and he said, "Oh, I'm just getting ready for when I know I won't be sleeping as much." 

Just before 2 a.m., Brecken made his grand entrance. Cassie and Brian both shed some tears. Ok, fine, me too. And then they couldn't stop looking at him. Cassie kept saying, "You're here!" And Brian held him like a natural. 

The more I births I attend, the more proud I am to be a birth photographer. I do not take it lightly that I am invited into that space. It's sacred. To see women accomplish this mighty feat is stunning. Empowering. Other worldly. This job is a gift.

Thank you, Brian and Cassie, for this gift. I love the three of you so much and can't wait to see you grow as a family! 

husband and wife during labor in hospital in denver colorado
husband holding wife's hand during labor
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mom crying as baby is placed on chest right after birth
mom crying right after giving birth
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Brecken...A birth story.

Brecken...A birth story.