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Live With Strength...A really strong mama.

I'm really excited to kick off my month for mothers with a shoot I did last month. Whitney is a mom, a wife, a business woman, an athlete, an encourager, and just an all around rockstar. Her business and lifestyle are both things I find so valuable and I'm so excited to share them with you.

I met Whitney last fall when I joined my CrossFit gym. She had just had a baby a few months before and was waaaay more fit than I was. That sounds like it might be demoralizing, but it was actually really inspiring. She talked with me about how CrossFit changed her life and how it improved her body image and made her feel capable of doing so much outside the gym.

Ashley Elementary...In photos.

Principal Zach Rahn from Ashley Elementary School greets each child with a handshake at the start of the school day. On Fridays, the whole school gathers together in an anything-but-quiet assembly in the school gymnasium.

Teachers from each grade give shout-outs to children who have performed especially well that week and all the children cheer each other on. Music pumps through the speakers, kids organize themselves in lines, always tracking the speakers, and everyone holds their hands in up silent applause. 

Announcing...Merritt + Grace!!

I am so excited to finally show you these photos and introduce you to the best new business in Denver...

Allison and Frances are great friends of mine - they worked together a few years ago, and stayed in touch when Allison left for another job.

They missed working together and recently made the bold decisions to leave their jobs and pursue their dream of opening their own marketing firmThese two have been working unbelievably hard for months and their big reveal is finally here! 

Realtors...Need photos too.

You always see Realtor's faces on everything they print. It's not their fault - it's the industry's fault. Market saturation or something like that.

This becomes problematic for Realtors that don't love getting their photo taken. And my friend/Realtor Josh from Northeast Denver Homes absolutely falls into that category. Don't get me wrong, he is waaaay confident in his looks, he just gets awkward in front of cameras.