Family...Mine, not someone else's this time.

Family...Mine, not someone else's this time.

My nieces and nephews are simply my favorite people in the entire world. They live all the way in Pennsylvania and I don't get to see them nearly as much as I want and I miss them every day and I cry about it all the time but I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT THAT.

I did get to spend some serious quality time with them last week though and that IS what I wanna talk about it. My brother, sisters, and in-laws all make a very kind effort to bring their kids to my parents house when I'm home so I get to see them. On Memorial Day, my mom did a Lo Country Boil (I'm not sure why the "w" is omitted from "low" for just is), and everyone came and it was basically my favorite day of the whole summer.

Can I tell you a little bit about them? Great.

Bella is a capital "W" Weirdo. And it's awesome. I hope she always is. She speaks in full sentences, almost all the time. She tells stories, jokes and sings songs. She is obsessed with her cousin Addie and all her baby dolls. She is also capital "S" Smart. She blows my mind with all the information she can retain. And the almond slivers she sticks up her nose. And she wears glasses, so she's the cutest two and a half year old ever. Bella is so curious about the world. "Why? How? Where? TELL ME EVERYTHING." She's like an adorable sponge.


Max is our little smooshy bear. He is sweet, on the quieter side and has attitude for days. He is stubborn and nixie, just like his mom. His smile literally makes me cry. He is only four weeks younger than Bella. They are frenemies. They steal from one another all day and hug all day. It's all very confusing. My favorite thing about Max is how he connects with people. He LOVES my grandma, Mimi and goes out of his way to show it. He visits Grandpa in his chair each night, calls me on the phone and brings my mom, Grandma, her "fah-tee." That means coffee, duh.

Addie is Max's little sister. (He calls her Babydoll...OMG.) And she has had a rough little road. She was three pounds when she was born and a year later, she's still catching up. In body. Mentally, she's tracking you. Mentally, she's one and she's like "Yo peeps, I should be walking. But I can't so I'm gonna yell at you until you pay attention to me." She's a diva. She doesn't do what she doesn't wanna do. Who doesn't love a girl who knows what she wants? She is happy, active and growing. And resilient. Her one year has been more traumatic than any of mine, but see that face above? That's her go-to. She's our little baby doll.

Theo is Bella's little brother. Baby Fo is his official family name, as Max cannot say Theo. Theo is four months old. And though I would love to tell you SO much about him, this is all we know so far: he sleeps often and he smiles. Always. Even when he is crying, he tries to smile. So basically, 100% of his personality is amazing. His smile also makes me cry. Shocking, I know.

I can be done talking about them all now, but here are some more photos.

The Adams...35 years!

The Adams...35 years!

Samuel...Welcome little one!

Samuel...Welcome little one!