The Moraries...But basically Annabeth.

The Moraries...But basically Annabeth.

Welcome to the Annabeth show everyone! 

I got to take photos of this precious little doll last week and though it was supposed to be a family shoot, most of my photos look like this one above. You see, every time I tried to get a family photo, Annabeth did this...

Or this...

We did manage to get a couple good ones of the whole family, but I started calling the shoot "The Annabeth Show" about halfway through. She LOVED the camera, as long as she was the main subject. It was pretty adorable.

It was so fun to see her parents' personalities come out in her. She just turned one, but she has the expressions and animations of an adult!

John and Elizabeth are both unbelievably joyful people. I don't mean that in a small way. I work with John and he is just always smiling. He works with the database and "number-keeping" as I call it...both very stressful/overwhelming/accounting-y. But he is always finding ways to make it fun. I can be having a terrible day and all John has to do is walk into my office and the air feels lighter. He has a calming quality about him that I so appreciate. He also is an "old soul" as Elizabeth says. Most people don't realize how young he is because of his mature demeanor and truly eloquent way of speaking. He's just the greatest.

I don't know Elizabeth as well, but there are two obvious qualities about her: Annabeth adores her and she has the best laugh in the entire world. So many times throughout the session, Annabeth would start to cry or get frustrated and all Elizabeth would have to do is look at her or tickle her and she would light up. As soon as Elizabeth laughed, the whole family was smiling and so was I. 

We started the session by waking Annabeth up from a little nap. She was very confused by me at first, but quickly warmed up to the camera. We played, we went to the park to swing and walk around, Annabeth took a bath, we ate was a great night.

I had so much fun with this shoot. Thank you, Moraries, for being good sports about it, even though we had to work around the weather the last couple weeks. It was so worth the wait and I'm thrilled to have captured these moments for you. Thanks again!

Yo...This is super hard.

Yo...This is super hard.

The Janzs...All 8 or 9 of them.

The Janzs...All 8 or 9 of them.