People at work get Rachel and I confused on a daily basis. It kind-of makes sense. We are both short-ish with dark hair and we have the same name and we have creative positions. But she's much more fashionable and much sweeter than me. Oh, and we also have opposite personalities.

She thinks before she speaks, breathes before she reacts, organizes her desk, and most definitely separates her colors from her whites. She's introverted and introspective. She is one of those creative people who likes structure ... basically a unicorn.

I remember the day I met Rachel. It was for my job interview. She had been working there for two weeks and came to the meeting with a list of really tough questions. 

"What is your creative process like?"
"Do you like to work with other people or alone?"
"Do you storyboard?"

I was all like, "I've never storyboarded (is that a word?!) and I can work alone. Or with you...if you want?" I was convincing to say the least. I just remember thinking that she really had her stuff together. And then I had the totally rational thought that they probably wouldn't hire me because we had the same name.

I don't know how, but I got the job. And it's been such a blessing to gain Rachel as not just a coworker but a friend. We work on almost every project together, and I'm better for it. I can only pray to achieve half of her professionalism and all areas of life. She breezes through stress and sadness with buoyancy and brings such a light everywhere she goes. Her faith is compelling and her earnestness to learn is infectious.

One thing that I know brings Rachel equal amounts of frustration and joy is her extremely handsome pup, Levi. To photograph Rach without him would be silly and unnatural. He is an extension of her best qualities: patience, love and loyalty. 

Thank you, Rach and Levi, for letting me tag along on this beautiful day for your walk in the park.



Girls Weekend...Vail Edition.

Girls Weekend...Vail Edition.