Packages...Literally tied up with string.

Packages...Literally tied up with string.

Everyone who hires me receives a fun little bundle along with their photos after I've edited them. Because who doesn't like a pretty package?

One of the fun parts of starting a project from scratch, like Green Chair Stories, is buying a bunch of new and shiny stuff. But it's a scary thing to make decisions about how you want your brand to come across. You need to think about things like colors and shapes and "feel." Am I whimsical or straightforward? Am I a square or a triangle? Do people see green or yellow when they look at me? 

These are questions I never thought I would have to deal with. But I do. And I did. The color was easy because of the name. Not having green would have been silly. Luckily, green and gold go well together...because what isn't made better by a splash of sparkle? 

I knew that I wanted to give my customers something that made me stand out, but I couldn't figure out what that was. Eventually, I realized duh, everyone should get a book. I read about a book a week and derive most of my inspiration from words. People usually hire me to be their photographer, but my passion lies just as much in the written word as it does in photography.

I don't give people a book that I haven't read, and though I have a stack of my favorites on hand, I usually order a book for someone after I've photographed them. I try to make it something that they will really enjoy, maybe even something that's been on their "to-read" list. 

I write a personal note in the front and the basis for my packaging starts there...

After I write the note, I wrap it in black paper, securing it with gold tape.

This photo doesn't quite show you just how crazy huge this roll of Kraft black wrapping paper is. It's longer than my wingspan, which seems excessive, but buying in bulk saves money baby! Also, the scissors are ridiculously large. But I figured I would need something intense to cut paper that's so intense.

When Green Chair Stories was just a wee, baby concept in the back of my mind, I had some business cards made. I hadn't decided on a name yet, so it just has my name, e-mail and phone number. But it also includes a quote, one of my very favorites, by one of my very favorites, Frederick Buechner: "The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all." 

I stick one of these cards on the front of the package before the big finale...

Velvet ribbon! I love this velvet ribbon more than I can express. The Chair is made of a crushed velvet material that feels and looks just like it and I love that the ribbon is an ode to the whole concept of this company. 

I use recycled Kraft CD sleeves to hold the images and the ribbon holds that guy in place.

But the problem with starting an exciting new project is knowing what to include and what to leave out. I would love to have maybe some stickers of the logo and some new/different business cards with the logo on it and a multitude of other things. But for now, I'm loving the look of these beautiful little packages and the look on people's faces when they get one!

What would you add or change to this look?



The Gosas

The Gosas