#TIWILY...A review.

#TIWILY...A review.

There are two things people consistently call me and ask me about: books to read and places to eat. I think it's because I'm lazy and a little chubby...or because people trust my taste. One of those things.

So. Books. I read them.

And I usually put them on my "Reads" page if I deem them worthy of recommending. But I'm quickly realizing that I would like to add disclaimers to these recommendations because not every book that I love is for everyone. I'm going to start posting brief reviews so people know why I liked a book and give people a general idea of what it was about.

This book is one that is not for everybody. But I'm putting it in my top five books that I've read in 2014. Right there with Where'd You Go Bernadette? and I Wear The Black Hat. (I'm leaving two spaces open for late-in-the-game entries.)

This is Where I Leave You is hilarious. Completely inappropriate. Absolutely irreverent. It's not for the faint of heart. But it is for people who like to laugh. It's one of the very few that actually made me audibly giggle. After reading it, I was so happy there was a movie so I didn't have to leave this family's insane world so quickly.

The vulgarity fades in the brilliant light of Tropper's writing. It's too good to pass up.  I cannot wait to run out and grab the rest of his books.

Who is this book for?

Pastors: No
Moms: It depends...not mine.
Husbands: Yes. Unless he's a pastor.
You: Considering my demographic of readers...yes.
Children: Nope. 

What does this book say?

Our minds, unedited by guilt or shame, are selfish and unkind, and the majority of our thoughts, at any given time, are not for public consumption, because they would either be hurtful or else just make us look like the selfish and unkind bastards we are. We don't share our thoughts, we share carefully sanitized, watered-down versions of them, Hollywood adaptations of those thoughts dumbed down for the PG-13 crowd.

Due to some mental hiccup I can't explain, when I think of God, I picture Hugh Hefner: a thin, angular man with a prominent chin in a maroon smoking jacket.

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