Timing...Always perfect.

It seems as though I have become the official birth photographer for the Messiah soccer alumni. And I don't hate it. Last year, I had the honor of photographing my teammate Cassie's birth. Shortly after, I received a message from my friend Brenna, who we also played with in college, saying, "I wish you could photograph my birth!" I thought for a second and then realized, "Hey. I bet I could make that work."

A Surprise...To Mexico!

A few weeks ago, I received a message from Katie (pictured above), detailing a grand plan to surprise her 5 kids with a trip to Mexico. It involved sneaking into their rooms to change their clocks back an hour while they slept, packing getaway bags, cryptic letters to the kids, and the big reveal of the destination at the airport.

Six Families...One day.

Around Thanksgiving last year, I had a little bit of a crazy idea.

I knew there were some families in my life that hadn't quite found the time to schedule family photos. And some of them were still even hoping to send out Christmas cards.