Moving...The good, the bad, and the necessary.

We are moving to Pennsylvania.

I’m sad. Especially this week. Let’s back up.

At least once a year since 2011, Trav and I seriously discussed moving. As living expenses rose, the housing market reached volatile levels, and priorities shifted, we examined what we wanted and needed. And each year, I said, “Not yet.”

14 Families, 2 Days...70 weeks pregnant.

My favorite real estate agents gave me a call when I was approximately 70 weeks pregnant, “Hey Rachel. We have an idea. But wait, are you having a baby soon?”

I kid, but it’s also a little true. The joke part is that I was merely 36 weeks pregnant. The truth part is that they did have a really good idea.

The Dawkins...Again.

I have so many family blogs to show you that I should be embarrassed. Or at the very least, not admit it to you. I’m above that kind of pride though I guess (or perhaps just a foolish business woman?). It’s also 5:30 in the morning and I’m trying to stay awake with my child, so why not just blog some photos?

Putting...My money where my mouth is.

I’m just going to say it. There’s something that has often frustrated me about photographers—they don't want to pay for photography.

Some do trades with other photographers, which is fine. Great even. I'm all about bartering when you can. Some try to take their own photos, whether that's headshots, family portraits, or brand photos. Again, totally fine. But then there are the ones in most of my groups on Facebook that say, "My ideal clients can afford to spend way more than I can on photos."

Zero (Read: Less)...Waste Lyfe.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this new … trend? I hate calling this a trend because that implies that it’s going away. And really, I know most people are trying to make it a lifestyle. And it should be, for sure.