Travel Musings...A layover edition.

Today is the day! I'm writing this blog from a cute little coffee shop in Salt Lake City. Trav and I just landed and we have a few hours to kill before boarding our flight to Amsterdam. 

(If you don't read every word I write on all social media channels, I judge you and I have some news: Trav and I are heading to Kenya for the next four-ish months. We will be working at a children's home—him as an engineer, me as a photographer.)

The Coopers...At Boondocks.

When Chris first reached out to me about photographing his dad's birthday slash family reunion, I was a little skeptical. They were having it a Boondock's (which is basically like Dave & Buster's ... an adult arcade). I thought about the harsh bowling alley lighting, the dark arcade area, and the repetitiveness of the go-kart track.