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The Business

My name is Rachel. I live in Denver, Colorado and generally, I like it. I keep saying I'm going to leave, but here I am, 7 years in and accepting it as home.

This business makes Denver feel like home. I've photographed so many families, restaurants, and nonprofits here that I feel like I know the city's secrets. I often call Denver an angsty teen, trying to find her identity in a country of older cities who already know what they want. The people I've worked with have helped me understand this city's personality and where she might be going. I feel lucky to be here during her teen years.

I do a lot of photographing and a lot of writing. My favorite projects are when I get to do both. 


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The Belief

I really do believe in indulgence, like everything listed on the right. I’ve been described as 100% healthy or 150% train wreck. Well, I describe myself that way. I'm either eating kale for breakfast and going to bed by 9:30 every night or having wine for dinner and watching Netflix for several hours a day. No one can accuse me of being a woman of moderation.

These seem like opposing entities, but I work really hard to find a rhythm in my life that allows indulgence and discipline to coexist. (Fact: I’ve never once spelled rhythm correctly on the first try.) I am a “walking guilty pleasure” and I don’t hate it. I tend to unabashedly love things that everyone else feels ashamed to like. Leggings as pants? Every single day. Reality TV? Big fan. McDonald’s? McFlurry’s. Duh. Self help books? Read ‘em all. Boy bands? #Nsync4lyfe.

This attitude, this acceptance of who I am—weaknesses and all, makes my life and work a whole lot more fun. I hope to bring this coexistence to every project I work on, helping my clients find the beauty in their indulgence, discipline, and life rhythm.

Photos of me by the wonderful Ali V.