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The Business

My name is Rachel. I live in Denver, Colorado by way of Lancaster, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If the word storyteller wasn't so trendy, I would use it here. I graduated from Temple University with a degree in photojournalism and have been telling stories ever since. I make photos and write stories. My favorite kind of project is when I get to do both. I used to work full-time at a local nonprofit, but now I'm making a go at the whole freelance thing. It hasn't always been easy, but I absolutely love it.

I really like to hear and bear witness to someone's unique perspective on life. By life, I mean real life. I'm not an artist who creates something that isn't there. If you want someone to document you, your family, your business, your life just as it is—I'm your gal.

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The Belief

I really do believe in indulgence, like everything listed on the right. I’ve been described as 100% healthy or 150% trainwreck. Well, I describe myself that way. Because in addition to indulgence, I also believe in discipline through certain seasons. Like eating paleo and waking up at 5:30 to work and going to CrossFit (ugh, I’m a total bro).

These seem like opposing entities, but I’ve worked really hard to find a rhythm in my life that allows indulgence and discipline to coexist. (One more factoid about me: I’ve never once spelled rhythm correctly on the first try.) I’ve been accused of being a “walking guilty pleasure” and I don’t hate it. I tend to unabashedly love things that everyone else feels ashamed to like. Leggings as pants? Every single day. Reality TV? Big fan. McDonald’s? McFlurry’s. Duh. Chick lit? Read ‘em all. Boy bands? #Nsync4lyfe.

I'm tempted to say "it's the little things," but that sounds cliche. So I will say: this attitude makes my life and work a whole lot more fun. I hope to bring this coexistence to every project I work on, helping my clients find the beauty in their indulgence, discipline, and life rhythm.

Photos of me by the wonderful Ali V.